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Ryoji Shinomoto Custom Guitar Pickは、2013年から提供受けてる唯一の国産ピック工場「池田工業」と長年試行錯誤をしてたどり着いた1枚です。この特別に研磨時間を減らしてエッジの効いたピックは、2017年から1度も変えることなく使用しているため、その弾き心地やサウンドへの信頼の何よりもの証拠となっています。Ryoji Shinomoto Custom Guitar Pickは、1セットに5枚から20枚まで選べるオプションを提供しており、お好みに合わせてご購入いただけます。


素材 ポリアセタール白

厚さ 1mm

Ryoji用 特別加工済み


Introducing the Ryoji Shinomoto Custom Guitar Pick, a set of 5 specially crafted picks designed for the discerning guitarist. These picks are the result of years of trial and error at the only domestic pick factory, Ikeda Industries, since 2013. What sets these picks apart is the reduced polishing time, resulting in a sharp edge that has been trusted by users since 2017 without needing to be changed even once, a testament to its playability and sound quality.


Crafted from high-quality white polyacetal, these picks are 1mm thick and have been specially processed for Ryoji's use. Whether you're a professional guitarist or a dedicated hobbyist, the Ryoji Shinomoto Custom Guitar Pick will elevate your playing experience with its unmatched reliability and precision. Experience the difference in sound and feel with these exceptional picks from the masterful craftsmanship of Ryoji Shinomoto.

Ryoji Shinomoto Custom Guitar Pick (5-20set)

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