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Samurai Guitar Scales Score, Position Map

・Japanese 7 Scales(Guitar Pro, PDF)

・Hirajoshi (Guitar Pro, PDF, Position Map)

・Kokin Choshi (Guitar Pro, PDF, Position Map)

・Ryukyu(Guitar Pro, PDF, Position Map)


Get ready to take your guitar playing to the next level with the Samurai Scales Package. This comprehensive package includes Japanese 7 Scales in both Guitar Pro and PDF formats, allowing you to easily practice and master each scale. Additionally, you'll receive Position Maps for each scale, providing a visual guide to help you navigate the fretboard with ease. Explore the unique sounds of the Hirajoshi, Kokin Choshi, and Ryukyu scales, all included in this must-have package for any guitarist interested in expanding their musical repertoire. Whether you're a beginner looking to explore new sounds or an experienced player wanting to add a new dimension to your playing, the Samurai Scales Package is the perfect tool for your guitar practice sessions.


Samurai Scales Package (Guitar Practice Score)

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