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GYZE Voyage of the Futureのギタースコア!

Guitar Proというスマホ&PCアプリを使えば再生しながら練習可能! 



販売形式 : デジタル販売 (Guitar Pro、カラオケ音源 & PDF) 


GYZE - Voyage of the Future TAB

Using soft or app Guitar Pro you can practice guitar while watching the scores and listening to the corresponding midi track! 
Moreover, you can change the speed and tuning to your convenience for more fun and effective practocing! 

No need to guess the notes and try to catch up with a beat any more. Get the scores, match the tuning to your guitar and choose the most comfortable tempo to start your way to a guitar hero!

GYZE - Voyage of the Future GUITAR SCORE

    • 注意事項:
    • Guitar Proファイルを開くにはGuitar Pro7 のインストールが必要です。
    • アプリの操作に関する問い合わせはGYZEでは受け付けておりません。
    • GUITAR PRO 公式
    • iOS
    • Android
    • PC (Japan)


    This digital product download is a .zip archive containing:

    •  .gp Guitar Pro scores file,
    • .pdf document with scores and
    • .mp3 audio karaoke file. 

    To open some of these files on your device you might need to use a third party application/software. 

    GYZE does not take any responsibility for any possible malfunction of any third party applications used to open the purchased and downloaded files.

    (There are plenty of free soft/apps to open .zip, .mp3 and .pdf files, however you will require Guitar Pro soft/app to open .gp scores)

    Guitar Pro (official):



    PC (Japan)

    PC (Eng)

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