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メタルバンド “GYZE(ギゼ)”のギター&ボーカルでメインコンポーザー。
2013年にイタリアCORONER RECORDSより逆輸入でデビューを飾り
ユニバーサルミュージックへの移籍を経て現在は再びビクターよりメジャー4作目の“ASIAN CHAOS”をリリースした。
これまでに世界最大のメタルクルージングフェス”70000 TONS OF METAL”やドイツの”SUMMER BREEZE”、

スペインの”Leyendas del Rock”などの巨大ヨーロッパメタルフェスにも日本人初出演を果たしている。


RESIDES IN: Hokkaido, Japan
MUSIC STYLE: Melodic Death Metal, Folk Metal, Japanese Power Metal
ABOUT GYZE: GYZE rises to carry heavy metal from Japan to the masses around the world. With high speed riffs and breakneck guitar descents paired with traditional music from their home country, GYZE create a sound unknown in the west. After four highly acclaimed albums and worldwide appearances at large festivals, the band has developed their own identity that is expressed with the help of traditional Japanese instruments and lead guitarist Ryoji Shinomoto's incredible shredding technique and ripping vocals.
GUITAR INFLUENCES: Ludwig van Beethoven, Antonio Vivaldi, Joe Hisaishi and Akira Ifukube
AWARDS AND CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: GYZE became the first Japanese band to play on 700,000 Tons of Metal cruise, as well as the Summer Breeze Open Air festival in Germany and Leyendas del Rock in Spain.
GUITAR ORIGINS: Started playing classical guitar at the age of 8 before taking up electric guitar later in life.
HAS TOURED WITH: Dragonforce, Children of Bodom, Carcass, Battle Beast and Soilwork
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